StarWars themed HTML/CSS basic website with PHP/MySql backend to get you started. It's fairly responsive with social icons in a CSS sprite to reduce image lookups. A fully functional PHP/MySql contact form is also available with complete backend. There are seprate header and footer file so if you want to add new pages to your site just include header and footer php files and all styles will be same as the home page. For slide show Cycle.js plugin for jquery is used its fairly simple free and easy to use. Template compatible across browsers. If you want more customization, you will have to tinker around. Do read README thats why its named so. Cheers


»HTML CSS template with PHP MySql backend
»Modular Code: Seprate header and footer for increased modularity.
»Cross Browser Compatibility: IE included :P.
»Optimized code and CSS: With minimized CSS.
»Footer: Sitemap CSS sprite social icons.

How to Use

»Download complete website.
»Change text and images according to your needs.
»If you don't want any module delete it from code.
»Add new page by including header and footer.
»Change color scheme in CSS file.